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RESNET Board Adopts Policy on a Definition of a RESNET Rating

Jan 5, 2021

At its December 8, 2020 meeting, the RESNET Board of Directors adopted a policy that defines what is a RESNET rating. The new policy is the official definition of a RESNET rating and will guide future RESNET standard development efforts.

The policy is:

     The purpose of a RESNET Rating and the RESNET Standards is to provide a standard  metric to evaluate the performance of ANY home. This is done by evaluating specific minimum-rated features. RESNET Ratings help create transparency in the market by quantifying the performance of homes. The RESNET standards support this purpose. A RESNET Rating is an informative asset rating; therefore, the standards do not set thresholds for minimum performance or require certain building practices or materials in order for a home to receive a RESNET Rating. Every home may receive a RESNET Rating regardless of construction type, building practices, energy and water efficiency, health, safety, or durability.