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RESNET Board Chair John Hensley: Green Home Builder’s “The GHB Interview”

Jun 29, 2022


RESNET Board of Directors Chairman John Hensley was recently featured in the Green Home Builders magazine’s monthly “GHB Interview”.

During the interview, John talked about the RESNET philosophy, the HERS® Index, how one becomes a certified HERS® rater, and the importance of homes being HERS-rated.

In addition, John highlighted some of RESNET’s upcoming projects:

• HERSH2O® water efficiency ratings to address the water challenges in their communities and provide new business opportunities for HERS® professionals.

• Energy code compliance with the International Code Council.

• New carbon and time of use rating index based upon its ANSI standard developed in cooperation with the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency, the California Energy Commission, and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

• Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting with HERS® Index Scores counted as credit for ESG.

• Affordable high-energy performance homes via a collaboration with Habitat for Humanity International to build affordable and sustainable homes.

• Appraisal recognition of the value of HERS® Rated Homes via a collaboration with the Appraisal Institute on educating appraisers on how to value green homes through the HERS® Index.

• Green mortgages via a collaboration with Freddie Mac to have the secondary mortgage market have access to the RESNET National Registry to track homes whose mortgages acquire HERS® Ratings to judge their loan performance.

These projects are aligned with the goals RESNET Board of Directors has adopted for 2022, including leading the path to zero, maintaining and enhancing the credibility of RESNET ratings, enhancing RESNET and HERS® Raters as the gold standard for testing, measuring and labeling home performance, growing business development opportunities for HERS® Raters and the rating industry, and enhancing existing and new collaborations with allied groups leading to better building performance and reduced carbon emissions.

Read the full interview here.