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RESNET Board Establishes Path to Future Prosperity for Home Energy Ratings and RESNET Members

Oct 28, 2013

The RESNET Board of Directors is working hard to secure the success and future of home energy ratings and RESNET’s membership.

The RESNET Board at its Fall 2013 RESNET Board Meeting committed to a path of enhancing the quality and consistency of HERS® Rating Index Scores.

The path will meet the opportunities created by the RESNET HERS® Index Score becoming mainstream in the housing market.  This trend is demonstrated by:

  • Homebuilders  across the nation having their homes energy rated and marketing the HERS® Index Score of their homes
  • Multiple Listing Services (MLS)  incorporating the HERS® Index Scores in their listings
  • Code jurisdictions recognizing a HERS® Index Score as a building energy code compliance option
  • The International Code Council adopting an Energy Rating Index option to the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code

With this increased visibility, RESNET is obligated to ensure that HERS® Index Scores are as accurate and consistent as possible.

To meet this obligation RESNET formed the HERS® Index Score Consistency Task Force.  Members of the task force are representatives of the nation’s largest production builders, rating software tool developers and Rating Providers. To view the findings and recommendations of the task force click on RESNET HERS® Index Score Consistency Task Force

Based on the recommendations of the task force, the RESNET Board has set a path that includes:

  • Enhanced Quality Assurance of Ratings
  • Home Energy Rating Software Program Improvements to Ensure Greater Consistency in the calculation of HERS® Index Scores
  • Enhanced Training and Testing of Home Energy Raters

To learn more about this initiative, don’t miss the 2014 RESNET Building Performance Conference