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RESNET Board of Directors 2018 Annual Meeting

Feb 2, 2018

RESNET Board of Directors 2018 Annual Meeting 

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Grand Salon I & II

Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista


The RESNET Board of Directors 2016 Meeting will take place at 1:00 p.m. on Sunday, February 25, 2018 in the Grand Salon I & II of the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista.

The public is invited to attend the RESNET Board Meeting.


The meeting’s agenda will include:

  • Call to Order – Roy Honican, RESNET Board President
  • Roll Call – Matt Gingrich, RESNET Board Secretary/Treasurer
  • RESNET Anti-Trust Policy, Curt Rich, RESNET Board Member
  • Approval of Previous Board Meeting Minutes – Matt Gingrich
  • 2017 RESNET and HERS® Industry Accomplishments – Steve Baden, RESNET Executive Director
  • Report of 2018 RESNET Board Officers Nomination Committee – Chairman of RESNET – Board Officers Nominations Committee
  • Election of 2018 RESNET Board Officers – Roy Honican
  • Statement of New RESNET Board President
  • RESNET 2017 Financial Compilation – Matt Gingrich & Faye Berriman, RESNET Controller
  • RESNET 2017 Financial Audit – David Beam, RESNET Financial Audit Committee
  • Recommendation of State to Incorporate RESNET In – Cardice Howard, RESNET Operations Manager
  • Recruiting Youth to Become HERS® Raters & Adoption of RESNET Emerging Leadership Council Charter– Valerie Briggs, RESNET Communications Director & Matt Gingrich, Chairman of the RESNET Emerging Leadership Council
  • Report of RESNET Board HERS® Software Harmonization Task Group – Nancy St. Hilaire, , Chairwoman of RESNET Board HERS® Software Harmonization Task Group
    • Report of Common Schema Subcommittee, Phillip Fairey, Chairman of Common Schema Subcommittee
    • Report of Collaborative Subcommittee, Cy Kilbourn, Chairman of the Collaborative Subcommittee
  • Formation of RESNET Board Quality Assurance Oversight of Certified HERS® Rater Verification of Energy Codes and Utility Incentive Programs – Chris McTaggart, RESNET Board Member
  • HERS® Ratings and Green Bonds and New Analysis of Mortgage Performance of HERS® Rated Homes – Mike Italiano, Chief Executive Officer, Capital Markets Partnership
  • DOE HERS® Variability Study – Jeremy Williams, U.S. Department of Energy
  • RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board Report – Curt Rich, Chairman of RESNET Suppliers Advisory Committee
  • Update from Appraisal Institute – Jim Murrett, President, Appraisal Institute
  • New Business – Newly Elected RESNET Board President
  • Adjournment


5:30 p.m.   North American Insulation Manufacturers/Insulate America Reception


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