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RESNET Board of Directors Will Not Broadcast Board Meetings

Apr 1, 2019

Recently, it was announced that the RESNET Board of Directors had adopted a policy that future RESNET Board meetings would be live broadcasted through GoToWebinar. The goal of this action was to increase the transparency of RESNET Board deliberations.

Since this announcement, RESNET’s legal counsel has reviewed the RESNET Board policy and cautioned that the RESNET Board’s action was ill-advised and could put the organization at risk.  Based upon the legal counsel provided, the Board has reconsidered its action and voted not to broadcast its meetings.

However, in continued pursuit of increasing the transparency of RESNET Board deliberations, the Board has adopted the following actions:

  • A regular schedule of in-person RESNET Board meetings, twice per year in the spring and fall. These Board meetings will be open to the public and in geographic locations that are easy to travel to.
  • Provide advance notice of meetings to the RESNET network, along with the meeting’s proposed agenda.
  • Send approved Board meeting minutes to the RESNET network after they are adopted by the Board.  RESNET will continue to post all Board meeting minutes online at https://www.resnet.us/professional/board/minutes

RESNET Board and staff are working hard on initiatives to grow the demand for HERS® ® ratings while maintaining the HERS® Index’s position as the Gold Standard in energy efficiency. As always, we welcome your partnership and feedback to make this happen.