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RESNET Brand Guidelines and Logo Usage

Oct 2, 2013

The Residential Energy Services Network’s (RESNET) logo is a nationally recognized symbol for the highest standards, credibility and accountability in the field of home energy efficiency.

As the organization responsible for creating the national training and certification standards for HERS® Raters and Home Energy Survey Professionals in the United States, the RESNET brand carries significant weight with both consumers and federal agencies such as the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency. The RESNET brand and logo are in widespread use across a number of mediums, including the Internet, industry and trade journals, contractor and builder marketing materials. As such, it is important that RESNET’s brand power is not damaged by an incorrect depiction of its logo or misuse of the same. Certified RESNET Contractors and RESNET EnergySmart Builders can visit the RESNET website for guidance on available brand assets and their proper usage.

RESNET is committed to protecting its brand and logo, and requests that all certified RESNET Contractors, EnergySmart Builders, accredited companies or organizations, and test centers to only use the most up-to-date brand assets and to update their files accordingly. Please visit https://www.resnet.us/professional/brand-assets to download the current files (as applicable to your business):

  • Brand Guides
  • RESNET logo
  • RESNET Home Energy Survey Professional logo set
  • RESNET HERS® Rater logo set
  • RESNET EnergySmart Program logo set
  • RESNET EnergySmart Contractor logo set
  • RESNET EnergySmart Builder logo set
  • HERS® Index logo
  • HERS® Index Scale