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RESNET Conducts Consumer Campaign on “Know the HERS® Index Score Before You Buy”

Nov 17, 2015

RESNET HERS® Ratings are fast becoming a mainstream in the U.S. housing market.  In 2014 over a third of all new homes sold were HERS® rated and issued a HERS® Index Score.  To further spur this momentum RESNET is embarking on a consumer education campaign to have homebuyers ask for the HERS® Index Score of the home they are considering to purchase.

The first element is a consumer web site dedicated to the HERS® Index – www.hersindex.com  The web page explains to homebuyers what the HERS® Index is, the benefits of a Home Energy Rating, why HERS® Rated homes are better, and how to get a HERS® Rating.

The second element of the campaign is a short consumer video on “Ask for the HERS® Index Score!”.  The video explains to consumers what the HERS® Index is and its benefits.  To download the video go to Ask for the HERS® Index Score  The consumer HERS® Index web site links to the video production.

The third element is bound to affect the way Americans buy homes.  RESNET launched a search engine which allows visitors to RESNET’s website to search for HERS® rated energy efficient homes anywhere in the United States.

The first search feature of its kind, consumers can now go online to look for new and existing homes that have been rated for their energy performance, and comparison-shop based on HERS® Index scores. It is part of RESNET’s ongoing efforts to support homebuyers in their search for energy efficient homes.

Homebuyers simply need to enter the street address (including city, state and zip code) of the home they want to buy to learn whether it has a HERS® Index Score.

If the home has been HERS® rated, the home’s HERS® Index Score is shown along with the HERS® Rating Company that conducted the rating and the date the home was rated.

If the home is not rated, a screen appears that states such and suggests that the buyer should ask that the home be rated.  The web page includes a link to the consumer video explaining the HERS® Index and a link to find RESNET HERS® Rater members in their community.

The search engine is linked to the RESNET National Registry.  To access the new RESNET search engine go to RESNET Consumer Energy Efficient Home Locator

In order to inform consumers of these new resources offered by RESNET, RESNET is also undertaking a consumer marketing campaign.  The marketing campaign will feature:

  • Postings on RESNET social media
  • Google ads targeted to prospective homebuyers
  • Facebook ads targeted to prospective homebuyers
  • News releases to news outlets targeted to homebuyers

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden commented, “the RESNET consumer campaign aimed at homebuyers to know the HERS® Index Score of the homes they are considering to buy will provide an important boost to the mainstreaming of the HERS® Index.  This will result in better informed homebuyers and an important boost to the HERS® Industry.  This is another example of RESNET investing in the growth of the HERS® Industry.”