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RESNET Congratulates New ICC HERS® Rater/IECC Certification Specialists

Oct 6, 2020


On Sunday, February 23, prior to the RESNET 2020 Building Performance Conference in Scottsdale, there was a special pre-conference session for Residential Energy Inspector/Plan Examiner Training and Testing.

Certified RESNET HERS® Raters who successfully pass this ICC Residential Energy Inspector/Plan Examiner exam will earn the new ICC HERS® Rater/IECC Certification Specialist certification.

Now, more than ever, there is a business opportunity for HERS® Raters to fill the role of verifying energy code compliance. The new ICC HERS® Rater/IECC Certification Specialist certification for RESNET HERS® Raters 1) combines the energy code knowledge of code officials with the energy efficiency knowledge of HERS® Raters to identify experts in energy plan review and inspection; 2) verifies competency in energy performance measurement and energy code proficiency; and 3) increases HERS® Raters’ credibility with code officials and presents new business opportunities in expanding its services to include energy code verification.

With the new certification, HERS® Raters can supplement the work of code jurisdictions facing resource constraints that affect their ability to conduct the necessary reviews and can provide both code compliance and energy performance rating services.

Over 200 HERS® Raters have earned the new ICC HERS Rater/IECC Certification certification. RESNET congratulates the 22 new certificants below:

– AJ Afkham                      GreenWorks Energy Specialist Inc.

– Jimmie Baker                  B and G Drafting

– Robert Kevin Burk         Burk Energy Rater

– Sara DeVico                     Building Efficiency Resources

– Jon Erickson                   CLEAResult Consulting

– Keith David Fettig          TSI Energy Solutions

– Colleen Fitzgerald          Green Your Home

–  Erik Henson                   Midwest Energy Consultants

– David Michael Horton     Green Building Consulting

– Ronald Hughes               HERS, Inc.

– Mark Hughey                  Green Energy Management

– John Keener                   Mountaineer Inspection

– Timothy Kemper            Midwest Energy Consultants

– Stephen Mogowski        Desert Skies

– Ian Phillips                      Green Renewables

– Jason Puffenbarger       Green Building Consulting

– Kelly Rankin                   Foster Insulation

– Melanie Russell              GDS Associates

– Kirsten Shaw                  AE3Q

– Robert Stockmann        Pinnacle Inspections

– Kevin Weer                     Home Energy Group

– Patrick Whelan              JKP Energy Inspections, Inc.

Congratulations also to those who earned the ICC Residential Energy Inspector/Plan Examiner certification: Katsiaryna Bautista, Robert A Capaldo, Steven F. Crossley, Sergio Duran, and Raymond Gunsauley.

For more information on the certification, click here