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RESNET’s Digital Marketing Campaign to Increase Demand for HERS® Homes

Aug 14, 2019



One of the goals of RESNET is to expand opportunities for the HERS® industry to succeed. One area where RESNET is striving to achieve this is in creating greater demand for HERS® ratings.

In many respects, HERS® ratings are one of the best-kept secrets in the housing market. While the numbers of new homes that are HERS® rated increase each year, the fact is that a great majority of new homes are still not rated by certified RESNET HERS® Raters following RESNET’s standards.

RESNET has taken the first steps in addressing this through strategic collaborations with such groups as the Appraisal Institute, the International Code Council, and builders. This has laid a solid foundation on which to build demand.

In 2019, RESNET is taking the next step by launching a concerted marketing campaign using the resources made possible from the 2017 rating fee increase.

The main thrust of the campaign is educating prospective home buyers on the value of HERS-Rated homes.This effort is in two phases.

The first is the launching of a consumer targeted web site focused on explaining the HERS® Index and its benefits. For more information see the RESNET release on New Website for Consumers on the HERS® Index The new web site also features a spotlight Builder of the Month. 

The second phase is a pilot targeted social media marketing effort that will focus on Google Display Ads, Search Ads, Gmail Ads, Non-branded Paid Search, and Referral Organic Search, as well as Facebook, to place the HERS® brand in front of consumers who have already digitally expressed an interest in the home-buying process. The outlets and messaging were chosen through market and demographic research.

The pilot effort will be aimed at the Metro DC and Austin housing markets.

The two markets were chosen because they are among the most vibrant in the country. Housing industry experts project that Central Texas will experience a strong housing year. The Metro DC market is expected to have a dramatic growth due to Amazon’s move to Northern Virginia.

The efforts include paid rotating display ads for each targeted market covering such themes as:

• Live Better – Buy a HERS® Rated Home
• Built to a Higher Standard – Buy a HERS® Rated Home
• Eco Friendly – Buy a HERS® Rated Home
• Energy Efficient – Buy a HERS® Rated Home
• Lower Utility Costs – Ask for the HERS® Index Score
• More Home Comfort – Ask for the HERS® Index Score
• Higher Resale Values – Ask for the HERS® Index Score

Using real data, these ads will be adjusted to ensure a greater reach and more personalized experience.

Austin and Metro DC users viewing the ads will be directed to campaign web pages specific to their area that offers further information about the benefits of owning a HERS® rated home and how to connect with the right builders. A targeted email campaign will work alongside these efforts to further coordinate the messaging; as well as engaging videos.

To view the DC metro landing page go to https://www.hersindex.com/dc-metro/ 

To view the Austin landing page go to https://www.hersindex.com/austin/ 

RESNET is collecting the analytics of the activities and will evaluate the effort at the end of the pilot campaign. Depending on the results, the campaign may be expanded to other targeted markets.

Alongside consumer education, efforts will be taken to engage with industry professionals within the Austin and DC Metro markets using curated content in email, web, and Instagram.