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RESNET Energy Smart Builder MOU Now Online Form

Oct 31, 2012

Over 200 homebuilders from across the U.S. have entered into Memorandums of Understandings (MOU) with RESNET and have been designated as RESNET Energy Smart Builders.  In the MOU the builder commits to having all of their homes energy rated and marketing their homes’ HERS® Index Score.  For more information on the RESNET Energy Smart Builder designation and a listing of builders that have entered into MOUs with RESNET go to RESNET Energy Smart Builders

To make it easier for builders to enter into a MOU with RESNET, an online MOU application page as been posted on the RESNET web site.  All a builder needs to do is to complete a short questionnaire and the form automatically creates the MOU.  To sign up to be designated as a RESNET Energy Smart Builder click on RESNET Energy Smart Builder Application Form