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RESNET Forms Supplier Advisory Board

Feb 9, 2015

Energy efficient product suppliers play a critical role in improving the energy performance of homes. RESNET sees the industry as a key strategic partner. To give suppliers a voice in RESNET and to benefit from the industry’s perspective, RESNET has created a RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board.

The purpose of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board is to provide an opportunity for suppliers to better understand RESNET; network with other suppliers, customers and HERS® raters; and to provide supplier input to the RESNET Board of Directors. The membership is open to all suppliers who agree to the terms of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board Member Agreement.

The RESNET HERS® Rating is product neutral. It is a whole house energy performance analysis that allows products to compete on a level planning field and hence hasten the introduction of new products into the market place.  RESNET HERS® Ratings are fast becoming a mainstream of the housing market.

The founding members of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board are:

For more information including how to become a member go to RESNET Supplier Advisory Board