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RESNET Launches New Professional Website at www.resnet.us

Jul 2, 2019

As outlined in the RESNET 2019 Goals set by the RESNET Board of Directors, RESNET staff was charged with improving the RESNET web site user experience.

We are pleased to announce today the launching of the new and improved RESNET professional website at www.resnet.us

You’ll notice there is no need for the /professional landing page designation, as we have rebranded all consumer content to the recently launched www.hersindex.com.

A featured improvement of the homepage is a live counter of HERS® Homes to date and during the current year. In addition to a brighter background, we have defined the sections for the various stakeholder groups such as raters, providers, appraisers, and builders with color-coded larger imaging. The reorganization of the RESNET Standards page makes it easier to view previously approved standards and current standards out for public comment.

We encourage you to visit the newly designed www.resnet.us today!