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RESNET® Launches RESNET-Rated Home Label

Mar 29, 2023 AppraisersBuildersGeneralProvidersRaters

RESNET has launched the new Rated Home Label. The simple one-page label is now available for all homes in the RESNET Registry. This consumer-friendly label provides information on the home’s ratings and certifications, including:

• HERS® Index score
• HERSH2O® Index score
• Carbon Index® score
• WaterSense
• U.S. Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home

In addition, the label provides basic identifying information about the home, including:

• Home Address
• Builder
• HERS Rater
• HERS Rating Company
• Rating Date
• Registry ID

The label also displays the estimated annual energy use, estimated annual energy cost savings compared to the reference home, estimated CO2 savings, and estimated gallons per year in water savings for homes receiving a HERSH2O Rating. The label is available within 48 hours after the home is submitted to the registry.

This label is available for download on RESNET’s public search page at: https://www.hersindex.com/hers-rated-home-search. RESNET Accredited Rating Providers can also download the label through their admin access to the RESNET Registry.