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RESNET Meets with Chinese National Building Energy Standards Delegation

Aug 8, 2012

China is in the process of revising its national building energy standards.  As part of this process, a delegation of Chinese officials met with representatives of RESNET and the Florida Energy Center in early August.

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden introduced the U.S. home energy rating system and how it is being used with code compliance.  He also explained how a market based system can be used for code compliance.  Philip Fairey of the Florida Solar Energy Center explained RESNET’s standard for determining cost effectiveness of energy efficiency measures.

Representatives of RESNET, Florida Solar Energy Center and the Chinese National Building Energy Code Delegation

The exchange was facilitated by the Energy Foundation China.  The Chinese delegation included representatives of:

  • China Academy of Building Research
  • China Committee of HVAC
  • China Ministry of Housing and Urban – Rural Development
  • China Division of Standards and Codes
  • Institute of Building Environment and Energy Efficiency
  • Tongji University

The delegation was impressed with the RESNET standards and intrigued with the RESNET Home Energy Rating Standards and it addressed the analysis of cost effectiveness of energy upgrades.