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RESNET Needs You – Please Sign Up for RESNET Google+ Page Today

Apr 12, 2013

In order to better promote RESNET members and partners and educate consumers on the HERS® Index, RESNET has invested significantly in improving and expanding our web presence. Included in these ongoing efforts are a vibrant social media campaign via Facebook and Twitter, where followership has grown considerably since the start of the campaign. Now in addition to these two very popular social media channels, we have created a profile on a third, very powerful one: Google+ (Google Plus).

Google+ is Google’s own social media channel and while relatively new, has the incredible power of Google’s marketing machine behind it. A RESNET Google+ Page enables us to considerably expand our reach to consumers, thereby providing us with a larger audience with whom we can engage and promote RESNET member and partner services, and home energy efficiency.

Your support is key to achieving maximum success, so please go to the RESNET Google+ Page (link to and follow us there. Building a strong social media presence is key to achieving our goals of educating consumers on the benefits of home energy efficiency, and promoting RESNET members and partners, so please do your part.