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RESNET Offers Digital Badges to all Certified HERS® Raters

Sep 13, 2019


RESNET is pleased to announce that each active RESNET Certified HERS® Raters will be issued a secure and verifiable digital badge for social networks, resumes, email signatures, and websites.

The HERS® Rater digital badge is made available through a partnership with BadgeCert Inc., a leader in digital credentialing and professional recognition.

In today’s digital world, professionals want the option to share their credentials online. Digital badges are used in professional and social networking environments to recognize achievements and establish credibility in real-time with a single click.

“We are excited to offer digital badge services through our new partnership with BadgeCert,” says Steve Baden, RESNET Executive Director. “Digital badges have gained significant traction in the credentialing industry and this partnership provides RESNET Certified HERS® Raters significant value as they can now digitally store and share their verified credentials across the web.”

BadgeCert digital badges are third-party verifiable icons that are packed with information or “metadata” about the issuing organization, as well as when and how the credential was earned and when it will expire. They can represent accomplishments such as knowledge competency, attendance, participation, or the completion of a professional credential.

RESNET began offering free digital badge services to active RESNET Certified HERS® Raters in late July.