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RESNET Posts New Micro Web Site on HERS® Index

Oct 3, 2013

Momentum has been steadily growing for the RESNET HERS® Index Score.  Every month there are new builders committing to have all their homes energy rated and there is a growing trend of code jurisdictions adopting a HERS® Index Score option to their building energy codes and MLS adding a home’s HERS® Index Score in their listings.

One of the most exciting new developments taking place is the launch of the HERS® Index  dedicated micro-website. Consumers are now able to interact with the microsite to learn about what the HERS® Index is, how it works and to ask for the HERS® Index Score when shopping for a home.

The microsite is optimized for maximum web traffic, so that we can expect a significant number of visitors. The microsite’s focus entirely on energy ratings. Visitors will learn what an energy rating is, the benefits of getting one, and most exciting of all, be able to search directly for a RESNET Home Energy Rater Member from the site.

A combination of articles, press releases, videos and interactive elements will all combine to make the HERS® microsite one of the most innovative and engaging online experiences available. Support via social media platforms that are already in place will ensure that the HERS® microsite enjoys tremendous exposure and will prove to be yet another powerful tool in the RESNET toolbox to help our rater members connect with consumers and builders.

Check out the RESNET HERS® Index site at http://www.hersindex.com/