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RESNET® Posts Organization Primer

Feb 9, 2024 AppraisersBuildersConferenceGeneralProvidersRaters

RESNET and the HERS® industry have experienced dramatic growth since being founded in 1995. From a coalition of programs in ten states, it has grown to a national program and has HERS Index rated over four million homes nationwide.

A cultural value that RESNET has maintained since its founding is transparency. To enhance this transparency, RESNET posts an annual primer on the organization. The document provides a complete picture of the organization’s operations.

The 2024 primer has been posted on RESNET’s website. The primer covers:

• About RESNET
• What is RESNET?
• RESNET By-Laws
• Services Provided
• Organizational Culture
• RESNET Vision Statement
• RESNET Mission Statement
• RESNET Goals and Priorities
• RESNET Membership Structure
• RESNET Key Stakeholders
• RESNET Collaborations
• RESNET Business Plan
• Observations on 2024
• RESNET Board of Directors
• Introduction to the RESNET Board
• Strategic, Fiduciary, and Governance Responsibilities of the RESNET Board
• Board Meetings
• Board Electronic Voting Procedures
• Board Membership
• RESNET Board Executive Committee
• RESNET Executive Director
• RESNET Staff
• RESNET Standards
• RESNET Standing Committees and Task Forces
• RESNET Working Groups

Click the image above to download a copy or visit https://www.resnet.us/wp-content/uploads/RESNET_Primer_2024.pdf