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RESNET Posts Web Site on Career Opportunity on Being a Certified RESNET Home Energy Rater for Veterans

Feb 19, 2013

Veterans from every branch of the armed services serve with dedication and professionalism to keep our nation free and defend American interests and values at home and all around the community of nations. Every veteran has their own reasons and motivations for electing to serve; yet they are unified in their love of this nation and the desire to protect and preserve it.

It is true today, as it has always been throughout history including Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, that our nation owes its combat veterans a deep debt.  There are a number of tangible things that we, as a nation do to honor that debt. Here are some of them:

  • Recognition for service
  • Access to lifelong, high quality medical care
  • Educational opportunities

Veterans, after serving their country, have a right to a quality job in the civilian workforce. There are many ways in which organizations, both public and private, work to ensure our veterans find a productive place in society after their service. Finding jobs with a good “fit” for veterans is one key to long-term success in civilian life.

RESNET recognizes our veterans not only for their service, but for the tremendous resource that they are for our nation. Today’s veterans enter the workforce with a wide variety of skills and talents that should find a ready home across a number of industries. We believe that working in energy efficiency and sustainable building is a perfect fit for many veterans. Many veterans return home needing not just a job, but meaningful work that gives them challenges to overcome, problems to solve and a mission to fulfill.

To us, that sounds a lot like a RESNET HERS® Rater. HERS® Raters must possess a broad set of technical, analytic and interpersonal skills. That sounds a lot like today’s veterans! Our industry will succeed on the power of its people. Our nation’s values demand that we take care of our veterans. How well we take care of our veterans is a measure of how well we’re living up to our values and commitments. RESNET sees a great opportunity for returning veterans, for our industry and for our nation by encouraging veterans to explore careers as HERS® Professionals.

To allow veterans to explore this opportunity, RESNET has posted a new page on its web site dedicated to veterans on the career opportunity of being certified as a RESNET Home Energy Rater.  The page includes testimonials from veterans who are certified RESNET Home Energy Raters on the rewards of being a home energy rater.  If you are a veteran and would like to tell your story e-mail to Steve Byers at steve@nrglogic.com

To view the career opportunity for veterans go to Certified Home Energy Raters