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Oct 6, 2020

Attention: RESNET Accredited Training Providers, Rating Providers, Quality Assurance Designees, and Instructors

We are excited to announce that the revised QAD/Instructor Test is now live and available for use! Earlier this year, RESNET held a session at the RESNET Conference in Scottsdale describing the extensive effort to update and professionalize RESNET’s QAD/Instructor Test.

During Q1 of 2020, RESNET Staff, along with select individuals have been Beta testing functions such as Registration, Category Report, automatic e-mail notifications, and navigation within the exam. With a number of successful Beta tests completed, we are confident in announcing the official launch. The existing QAD/Instructor Test remains up on the old platform. The expectation is to leave this option open for several months even after the new test is made available.

As a reminder, here are some key details about the new test:

Revision of the Re-test policy: Because the new test is fixed-form, and there are only two separate forms, RESNET cannot offer unlimited re-testing. Candidates would quickly exhaust all questions in the bank and eventually be able to guess their way to passing through the process of elimination.

The revised policy is as follows:

  • First failure: User will be blocked for 30 days before able to try again.
  • Second failure: User will be blocked for six months before able to try again.

Note: The re-test policy does not apply to attempts taken on the old exam. The old exam platform will remain open and available until September 30, 2020. Questions on the new test policy.

Questions on the new test policy, content, or other specifics? Please contact Scott Doyle at scott@resnet.us