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RESNET® Rating Provider The BER Joins the 100,000 HERS® Club

Apr 7, 2023 GeneralProvidersRaters


Pictured: Cardice Howard, RESNET®; Eurihea Speciale and Chris McTaggart, The BER; Steve Baden, RESNET®; Mark Johnson, ICC (RESNET® Board of Directors President)

RESNET® Accredited Rating Provider Building Efficiency Resources (The BER) recently reached the achievement of conducting HERS® ratings on over 100,000 homes. As such, The BER has been inducted into the RESNET® “100,000 Homes Rated Club”. The club, founded in 2019, recognizes Rating Providers and HERS® Rating companies that have had over 100,000 homes HERS® rated.

RESNET® presented the award to Chris McTaggart and Eurieha Speciale of The BER at the RESNET® Spring Board meeting.

RESNET® Executive Director Steve Baden said, “RESNET® is proud to recognize The BER as the newest member of the 100,000 Homes Rated Club. Having HERS®-rated over 100,000 homes is a notable accomplishment and represents dedication and commitment to energy-efficient homebuilding. We appreciate your dedication and the work that you do in our industry.”

The BER joins other providers, Energy Efficient Homes Midwest of Indiana, PEG LLC of Virginia, and Arcxis of Texas, as 100,000 Homes Rated Club members. Building Efficiency Resources (BER) was founded in 2010. Beginning with a focus in the northeast, BER now has a presence in approximately 37 states and is rapidly growing.