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RESNET Rebrands Water Rating Program

Dec 12, 2017


To resolve potential confusion with the Water Efficiency Rating System, RESNET has rebranded its water rating program. The new name will be HERSH2O®

The RESNET-International Code Council candidate ANSI Standard will still remain Water Rating Index (WRI). By ANSI rules, an ANSI standard cannot be proprietary hence there would be no need for a name change for the WRI standard.

The following is an update on the development of the RESNET Water Index Standard.


Water Efficiency Representative Added to RESNET Board of Directors
To ensure that water efficiency is represented on the deliberations of the RESNET Board of Directors, the RESNET Board added a new Board seat representing water efficiency. The RESNET Board appointed Jacob Atalla as the representative to fill the new seat. Jacob serves as the chairman of the RESNET/International Code Council (ICC) Water Rating Index Standard Development Committee and co-chairman of the HERSH2O® Working Group.
RESNET/International Code Council Water Rating Index Standard Development Committee Appointed
To guide the development of the candidate-ANSI standard, RESNET has formed the Water Rating Index (WRI) Standard Development Committee (SDC 1100).  The members of the committee are:

Chairman:  Jacob Atalla, KB Home

Vice Chairman:  Jonah Schein, EPA WaterSense


Brett Cook, Building Code Official, City of Boardman, Oregon

Mary Ann Dickinson, Executive Director, Alliance for Water Efficiency

Andrew Espinoza, Building Code Official, City of San Antonio, Texas

Philip Fairey, Deputy Director, Florida Solar Energy Center

Ed Osann, Team Leader – Water Use Efficiency, NRDC

David Sauter, Building Code Official, Hatfield Township, Pennsylvania

Kelly Stephens, Director of Operations, SunRiver Development

The WRI Standard Development Committee has held its first organizational meeting. The committee is now awaiting the RESNET Board of Directors to adopt the HERSH2O® Technical Guidelines.

The SDC 1100 appointed members of the HERSH2O® Working Group to serve as a formal subcommittee. The subcommittee will be responsible for overseeing the drafting of the Water Rating Index Standard and review and consideration of public comments when the draft standard undergoes the ANSI public review and comment process.


HERSH2O® Technical Guidelines Update
The development of the HERSH2O® technical guidelines is complete and ready for final vote by the HERSH2O® Working Group.  After being approved by the Working Group it will be submitted to the RESNET Board of Directors for final adoption.

The HERSH2O Technical Guidelines will serve as the technical basis for the field demonstration project.

The guidelines will also serve as the foundation for the RESNET/ICC Water Rating Index Standard.


HERSH2O® Inspection Checklist Update
The Rating Inspection and Testing Procedures Technical Subcommittee has completed the HERSH2O® Inspection Checklist for raters to use in undertaking the inspection and testing of the water efficiency of a home. The draft checklist will be demonstrated in the field tests being conducted by KB Home and Meritage Homes. After needed changes are made the SDC 1100 will incorporate into the HERSH2O forthcoming non-ANSI implementation standard.
HERSH2O® Inspection Guidance Document Update
The Rater Training and Qualifications Technical Subcommittee has completed the draft HERSH2O® Inspection Guidance document.  The committee has agreed that RESNET proceed with its development and send out for peer review.


HERSH2O® Rater Training Modules Update
RESNET staff will begin development of the HERSH2O® Rater Training Modules in December 2017 with the goal of having the first draft completed by the end of the first quarter of 2018. The training modules will undergo a peer review by the Rater Training and Qualifications Technical Subcommittee and others key stakeholders prior to RESNET conducting pilot trainings.


HERSH2O® Field Test Update
To test the draft HERSH2O® Technical Guidelines KB Home and Meritage Homes have volunteered to field test the guidelines on targeted homes.  KB Home has already begun the field testing that will take place in California, Florida and Nevada. The purpose of the field tests is to ensure that the ratings operate smoothly, based on the Technical Guidelines and understand how long the rating and inspection process takes. The field tests will also help inform what training and education raters will need to implement HERSH2O®.