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RESNET Submits Input to IRS Guidance of 45L Federal Tax Credit

Nov 3, 2022 BuildersGeneralProvidersRaters


The recently enacted Inflation Reduction Act extended the 45L federal tax credit for energy-efficient homes to ten years and reformed the credit to comply with either the EPA ENERGY STAR Homes Program or the DOE’s Net Zero Energy Ready Homes Program.

The IRS has requested input on the further clarifications needed regarding the legislation’s language and the two program’s guidelines.

Last week, RESNET requested input from its community in developing suggestions and clarifications the IRS should consider.  We are grateful for all of the suggestions submitted. Those suggestions formed the basis for RESNET’s comments that were submitted to the IRS.

RESNET comments to the IRS can be downloaded at RESNET Input to IRS on 45L Federal Tax Credit

The IRS will continue to receive input through Friday, November 4, 2022.  RESNET encourages you to separately submit comments of your own or to highlight RESNET’s suggestions.

Information on submitting comments to the IRS is posted at https://www.regulations.gov/search?filter=IRS-2022-0048 

Again, we appreciate all those who took the time to provide input for our response to the IRS.