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RESNET to Launch New Podcast, RESTalk

May 22, 2018
RESNET is pleased to announce the launch of its new podcast, RESTalk. This will present a new way to stay up-to-date on everything RESNET and HERS, including initiatives, standards, marketing, and more.
Podcasts are digital talk programs available for Internet download, on a user’s own computer, phone, or media player. Once obscure, these episodic podcasts have become a popular medium, allowing listeners to access programs at their own convenience.
The RESTalk podcast will feature interviews with RESNET staff and guests from throughout the rating and home building industries, discussing a wide range of topics including current events and new technologies.
Says RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden, “We are really excited to offer RESTalk as a new, modern way to share information on RESNET, HERS, and the how the work of rating providers, builders and others are shaping the future of energy efficiency homes nationwide.”
Upcoming topics include:
  • RESNET Goals for 2020 and Action Plan
  • Enhancing the Quality of HERS® Ratings
  • Enhancing Consistency of HERS® Rating Software
  • Investment in Growing the Demand for HERS® Ratings
  • RESNET New Water Efficiency Rating
  • Recruiting the Next Generation of HERS® Raters
Stay tuned for details and scheduling, coming soon.