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RESNET Water Rating Index News – October 15

Oct 15, 2018

The RESNET Water Rating Index News will be released periodically to keep members of the various committees, advisory council, working group, technical subcommittees and interested parties appraised of developments with the RESNET/ICC Water Rating Index candidate-ANSI standard and the RESNET water efficiency rating program, HERSH2O®. If you know someone who would like to receive this newsletter, please visit the e-mail sign up form by CLICKING HERE.

  • Water Rating Index Standard First Public Comment Period Closes.   

The first public comment period of the standard BSR/RESNET/ICC 1101-201x ended on September 17th. Standard Development Committee 1100 and its technical subcommittee will be reviewing all comments and making appropriate revisions. The entire second draft of the standard will be open for a 45-day public comment period as soon as SDC 1100 finalizes all revisions.


  • RESNET Announces Call for Members to Serve on a Water Utility Advisory Committee.

As RESNET prepares to launch its whole house water efficiency rating, HERSH2O® in 2019, we are forming a Water Utility Advisory Committee to ensure this new program will meet the needs of water utilities across the U.S. If you’re interested in serving on this committee, please contact Ryan Meres at ryan@resnet.us.


  • National Green Building Standard Open for Public Comment.

The 2020 update of the NGBS will be open for public comment until November 12, 2018. Chapter 8 and Appendix F of the standard address water efficiency. Access the draft standard and public comment form here: https://www.homeinnovation.com/ngbs.


  • HERSH2O® Pilot Project is Still Open to New Participants.

RESNET hosted a webinar in June to kick-off the formal pilot phase for HERSH2O®. The webinar provided an introduction to HERSH2O®, including the technical guidelines, inspection checklist, inspection guidance and calculation spreadsheet. To get more information about HERSH2O and all the materials necessary to participate in the pilot project, click here.


RESNET’s goal of this pilot is to field test the HERSH2O® calculation methodology, inspection checklist, inspection guidance and gain feedback on the type of training that HERS® Raters will need to conduct water efficiency ratings. If you’re interested in participating in this pilot, please contact Ryan Meres at ryan@resnet.us. The pilot phase will conclude at the end of 2018.