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RESNET’s Portal to Locate a HERS® Rated Home

Jul 19, 2021


Have you questioned whether a home has been HERS Rated and its HERS Index Score?

To answer this question, RESNET has posted a portal on its website that will allow anyone to search whether a home has been HERS® rated by a certified HERS Rater, and its confirmed HERS Rating Score in the RESNET National Registry.

For a confirmed HERS Rating, the portal will indicate the home’s HERS Index Score, the home’s address, the HERS Rating Company that rated the home, and the date the home was rated.

This tool was posted to provide home buyers, code officials, and program sponsors a quick and easy way to determine if the home was HERS Rated and its official HERS Index Score.

To access the RESNET portal go to Check if a home has a HERS Index Score on the HERS Index website.