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RESTalk 26: RESNET’s Role in 2021 IECC Committee Hearings with Ryan Meres

Jun 27, 2019

“I learned no detail was too small. It was all about the details.” – Brad Grey

In this episode, we speak with Ryan Meres, Program Director at RESNET® about his experiences at the recent committee action hearings of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC).

Out of the 37 proposals identified for RESNET Board review, 13 were determined to be RESNET’s top priorities. Ryan tracked and testified on these 13 priority proposals during the Spring 2019 Hearings.

Listen in as Ryan shares an overview of the Code Development Process which include Committee Action Hearings followed by Public Comment Hearings. He will also describe the proposals that RESNET focused on, from both the point of support and opposition.

You’ll hear updates on the incorporation of Standards 301 and 380 and gain an understanding of why and how RESNET looks to maintain similarities in the ERI path and HERS® Index®. And learn about an interesting proposal for a new compliance path based on BTU targets for heating and cooling loads for each climate zone.

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Follow this link to view Ryan’s blog post on this topic: https://www.resnet.us/blog/

If you want to receive updates on Ryan’s work with codes, email Ryan at ryan@resnet.us