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RESTalk EP 104: Mandalay Homes Path to High Energy Performance Homes

Sep 9, 2022 BuildersGeneralProvidersRaters


“Once something is a passion, the motivation is there.” Michael Schumacher

The Cross-Border Challenge is an annual event sponsored by RESNET and the Canadian Residential Energy Services Network (CRESNET) to recognize U.S. and Canadian builders who are pioneering the path to high-energy performance homes. CRESNET is RESNET’s sister organization in Canada.

What are the key qualities embodied in the RESNET President’s Award winner of the 2022 Cross-Border Challenge?

What are the underlying philosophies, processes, and passions that create homes that customers truly desire?

Today on RESTalk we are joined by Paul Erhardt, President, and Stefan Ordena, Chief Technology Officer both of Mandalay Homes in Prescott Valley, AZ to learn about their award-winning business. (Mandalay Homes is also featured as the September 2022 RESNET HERS® Builder of the Month). In 2021, Mandalay Homes’ winning score was an average HERS® Index Score of 20.

In addition to reviewing the entry and judging requirements for the award, we get a peek inside the processes and philosophies at play in Mandalay Homes; systems that create an award-winning business that truly delivers for their customers.

Most importantly, Mandalay Homes has a passion for building homes that promote safety, health, comfort, style, reduced energy costs, and less environmental impact. We hear how Mandalay is committed to being an industry leader in innovation and thoughtful design while utilizing cutting-edge technology to create high-performance homes.

For more info on Mandalay: https://www.mandalayhomes.com/

Listen to the full episode here.