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RESTalk EP 81: Stanley Martin Homes & PEG- A Successful Partnership

Oct 1, 2021


“Words are but the pictures of our thoughts.”-John Dryden


The RESNET HERS® Index October Builder of the Month Stanley Martin Homes was founded in 1966 utilizing fresh new designs and continues to innovate today.

They focus on people, via constant training and clear communications, including continual dialog with PEG, their partner rating firm.

How do both companies benefit from a relationship such as this? What are some of the inner workings that are employed?

We are pleased to welcome to RESTalk our guests DJ Lawson (Manager of Corporate Field Operations at Stanley Martin Homes) and Mathew Cooper (Senior Vice President at PEG).

DJ and Matthew will share with us what it takes to develop a very successful builder/rating company partnership yielding high-quality, energy-efficient homes.

With the emphasis on training, communication, and process that we hear about in the podcast, it is no surprise that Stanley Martin Homes was recently recognized as 2021 Builder of the Month by Builder Magazine.

Matthew shares with us how the relationship started and blossomed while DJ describes some of the pointers that other builders can look for in a good “energy partner” like PEG.

They also share a glimpse into some trends that may impact the future of residential construction.

You can learn more about the Builder Magazine award and the two companies in the links below:




Listen to the full episode here.