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RESTalk EP16: “Don’t Miss the 2019 RESNET Conference”

Jan 7, 2019

Tune in to hear RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden and staff member Emma Bennett give you the lay of the land for what should be the best conference of the year: the upcoming 2019 RESNET Building Performance Conference themed, “Let Us Go Forward Together”

From policy to pitot tubes, mega-trends to Mardi Gras; the nearly 100 conference sessions, 50 exhibitors, plus the local atmosphere of New Orleans will keep you both informed and entertained.

Not to mention the networking opportunities with over 700 colleagues and industry leaders, and the new Town Hall forums with members of the RESNET Board and staff members.

All disciplines in the building industry should make plans now to attend the RESNET Building Performance Conference, which will be held in New Orleans, LA Feb 25-27, 2019.

Take special note that the early bird registration period ends on January 24, 2019; so don’t miss out on a $100 savings you are sure to put to better use in The Big Easy! 🙂

Take a listen now at http://restalk.libsyn.com/