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RESTalk EP65: 2020 Election Review with Carl Chidlow & Steve Baden

Sep 28, 2021

 “Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation” -Simon Sinek

2020 was both a notable and challenging year in so many ways.

Beyond everyone learning how to Zoom (and Zoom becoming a verb) the election of 2020 is sure to go down in history.

What impact did the 2020 election have on RESNET’s future-oriented mission to make the energy use for all homes transparent?


In today’s podcast we are joined by Carl Chidlow, a registered federal lobbyist and Steve Baden, Executive Director of RESNET as they again pull out the crystal ball to discuss what changes may come about in the world of Home Performance as a result of the 2020 Elections.

Carl and Steve help us understand the possibilities and probabilities of policy change that may happen with the slim majorities, negotiations and compromise we are likely to see.

Learn how there may be possible bipartisan consensus with an infrastructure bill and the belief that much change will come about through executive order and regulations.

We also discuss the implications of the recently passed extension of the 45L tax credit for builders.

Steve also notes the two new proposals forwarded to the new Administration and Congress. Both proposals encourage the energy use calculation as a factor in mortgage approval process

We discuss the cabinet nominees, the focus on a climate agenda, and we learn about the potential impact that Gina McCarthy, the Energy Czar, can have on Home Performance. Carl also gives us his definition of Czar.

Carl and Steve describe what they found most surprising as they think back to RESTALK Episode 57 (first aired in September 2020) where we discussed the upcoming election.

Listen to the full episode here.