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RESTalk EP74: HERS® Ratings and PEG Fannie Mae Green MBS w/ Matthew Cooper

Jun 18, 2021


“We learned that economic growth and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand.”- Christopher Dodd

How do the financial investment criteria of ESG- Environmental, Social & Governance – relate to the HERS® rating world?

What are Fannie Mae Single-Family Green Mortgage-Backed Securities(MBS) and what makes this program so unique?

How could such a program help to elevate the recognition of HERS® Raters and the work they do?

At long last, the HERS® Index is breaking into the new homes mortgage market!

Matthew Cooper, Senior Vice-President & COO of HERS® Rating Provider PEG joins us to help explain this program launched by PEG, Fannie Mae, and Ekotrope.

The program allows Fannie Mae to package ENERGY STAR Certified New Homes into distinguished socially responsible mortgage securities. This is an important first step in moving toward better mortgages for better HERS® Rated homes; this is likely to be a game-changer for the industry.

Matthew explains the background of this initiative, including timelines, how to participate, and what it means for your rating business.

To learn more about the topic you can review the video-on-demand session (NAV-5) from the RESNET 2021 virtual conference site: https://resnet.virtualbyvario.com/ or read up at the Fannie Mae site: http://www.bit.ly/GreenMBS. You can also reach Matthew at mcooper@pegenv.com

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