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Russell King Appointed to the RESNET Standard Development Committee 200

Sep 8, 2020

Russell King of CalCERTS has been appointed by the RESNET Standards Management Board to serve on the RESNET Standard Development Committee (SDC) 200 – Education, Training, Assessment, and Certification.

Russ serves as the Senior Director of Technical Services of the Folsom, California based HERS® Rating Provider CalCERTS. The company is also a RESNET accredited Rater Training Provider.

Russ also serves as the Board Vice-Chairman of the California Association of Building Energy Consultants (CABEC). CABEC is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing up-to-date, reliable information about the California Title 24, Part 6 Energy Standards and related building energy efficiency topics, as well as helping energy consultants stay on the cutting edge of building energy efficiency.

Russ has over 30 years of experience in HVAC design, energy consulting, home energy rating systems, code applications, engineering department management and technical training.  He also served on the RESNET Training and Education Committee, the predecessor to SDC 200. Mr. King has also given numerous presentations at the annual RESNET Building Performance Conference.

Russ also has extensive experience training, working with and communicating with HVAC contractors, builders, code enforcement officials, HERS® raters, architects, engineers, drafters, sales-people and homeowners.  Mr. King is Registered Professional Mechanical Engineer

The RESNET SDC 200 is responsible to oversee RESNET’s education, training assessment and certification standards and amending the standards. For more information go to RESNET SDC 200.

RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden commented on the appointments, “RESNET is grateful that Russ King has volunteered to serve on the important SDC 200.  His technical knowledge and experience with HVAC and HERS® Ratings in California will bring new perspectives to the committee and serve as a bridge to closer link the RESNET and California HERS® systems.”