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Simmons Homes: September 2021 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month

Sep 2, 2021



Tulsa Oklahoma builder Simmons Homes is the September 2021 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month.

Simmons Homes Purchasing Manager Dana Stanley says energy efficiency is a local necessity. “Consumers should expect energy-efficient homes for the same reason that they want to maximize any investment. It is a better-built home and one that ultimately will provide them the most for their money. Specifically, in our market, energy efficiency is crucial for keeping a home comfortable. Considering the extreme conditions in Oklahoma, hot summer temps, and raging winds, an efficient home is able to provide a haven from the elements in a way that older, or less efficient homes can not.”

Last year, Simmons Homes built 310 new homes with HERS® ratings. Stanley adds, “We include the HERS® Rating as a standard feature on every home we build. In addition, we have a dedicated section on our website to showcase our energy innovation. As the only builder in our price category in the Tulsa market to offer this feature, we believe it sets our homes apart, and communicating the advantages from signage to our sales process is key.”

In 2020, Simmons Homes achieved one of the lowest average HERS® scores (48.8) in the country for a builder completing more than 50 homes.

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