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Stephens & Company Commits to Plant A Tree Per Each Sq Ft Built With OTP

Aug 25, 2023 General

RESNET ® Energy Smart Builder Stephens & Company has committed to working with RESNET and One Tree Pledge to plant one tree for every square footage of homes they build. To date, the company has pledged to help plant 32,401 trees worldwide.

RESNET and One Tree Pledge partnered in 2022 to encourage anyone involved in the building and rating industries to help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with the energy use of home-dwelling, by planting one tree for every square foot they build. The partnership was created in celebration of the 3 millionth home to be rated by the Home Energy Rating System Index (the HERS® Index).

A tree is planted by One Tree Pledge and its partner One Tree Planted for each dollar donated. Builders who commit to the One Tree Pledge are not only mitigating the carbon impact from the energy use of each house they build, but they are also shrinking each home’s carbon footprint, attempting to remove more carbon from the atmosphere than the home emits.

Stephens and Company Inc.’s Andy Buccino says, “We began our pledge inspired by this broad commitment to the planet. Stephens and Company is committed to the pursuit of Zero Carbon buildings as a standard, and the One Tree Pledge resonates with our mission. We are a team of environmentally-minded builders and energy raters. As fiscal environmentalists, our goal is to prove the trifecta of low embodied carbon, energy efficiency, and renewables not only cost less for the long-term cost of ownership, but help to build a resilient, healthy, and abundant future.”

“We are delighted to welcome Stephens & Company of Nantucket, Mass as the newest members of One Tree Pledge. We are grateful for the 32,401 trees they are planting to mitigate the carbon emissions from living in the homes they are constructing. We all have the power to impact our future, and we hope Stephens & Company will inspire more builders to join the cause!”, says Michael Ziman, Founder of One Tree Pledge and President & CEO of Ziman Development

Stephens & Company was profiled earlier this year by RESNET® as the January 2023 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month.

Learn more on how to get involved at http://onetreepledge.org/resnet