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Stephens & Company: January 2023 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month

Jan 12, 2023 BuildersGeneralProvidersRaters



We kick off the new year with Stephens & Company Inc. of Massachusetts as the January 2023 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month.

In this month’s feature, we asked HERS® Rater Andy Bucinno with Stephens & Company to share some insight on building HERS® homes for their customers.

Buccino says, “There are several key reasons Stephens & Company chooses to have our homes HERS-rated. With a HERS® rating, we can value engineer our homes for the most cost-effective building materials, which decreases our costs and by extension the costs to our customers. We can also ensure that we are able to decrease carbon costs while simultaneously increasing our customers’ savings. As “fiscal environmentalists,” we take our impact on the sensitive environment of our beautiful island very seriously, while never losing sight of ways to save our customers money. Additionally, HERS® ratings are required by Massachusetts’ building energy Stretch Codes, which emphasize energy efficiency and push builders across the state to consider the carbon cost of every project carefully.”

He continues, “A HERS® rating provides confidence and security. Our customers know they are getting the best possible product and the lowest possible operational costs, all while doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. It’s hard to beat a HERS-rated home if you want to combine saving the planet and saving money into a single investment, which our customers definitely do. Our customers love HERS® ratings and the peace of mind that comes with them.”

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