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Solar Company Sunrun Joins the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board

Oct 6, 2020


RESNET is pleased to welcome Sunrun as the newest member of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board (SAB).

Sunrun is the nation’s largest residential solar, battery storage and energy services company. With a mission to create a planet run by the sun, Sunrun has led the industry since 2007 with its solar-as-a-service model, which provides clean energy to households with little to no upfront cost and at savings compared to traditional electricity. The company designs, installs, finances, insures, monitors, and maintains the systems, while families receive predictable pricing for 20 years or more. The company also offers a home solar battery service, Sunrun Brightbox, that manages household solar energy, storage and utility power with smart inverter technology.

“We’re excited to join the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board. The RESNET SAB recognizes the industry leaders in building materials, building science, and now Solar+Storage. Being recognized by our peers in energy efficiency and building science is an honor and we look forward to working with this group to advance our common goals,” said Josh Brister, Sunrun Senior Manager, Product Management and Technical Sales.

“We are pleased to see increased interest in the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board from solar suppliers like Sunrun, and welcome them to the SAB to share knowledge about the role of their products in energy-efficient homes,” said Steve Baden, RESNET Executive Director. “Being on the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board is a great opportunity for suppliers to have a voice and to benefit from the industry’s perspective.”

The purpose of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board is to provide an opportunity for suppliers to better understand RESNET, to network, and to provide supplier input to the RESNET Board of Directors. Currently, there are 13 members of the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board. See a listing here: http://resnet.us/professional/main/suppliers_advisory_board 

In addition to a representative seat on the RESNET Board of Directors, SAB members receive an annual supplier intelligence report. Available since 2017, this new intelligence report includes HERS® rated homes data including:

  • insulation and window values
  • leakage rates
  • heating and cooling efficiency
  • water heater efficiency and pipe insulation
  • renewable energy system type and size

Another SAB benefit is the opportunity to participate in the RESNET podcast feature, RESTalk. RESNET SAB members also receive marketing and sales support with free product marketing email distribution and RESNET-hosted educational webinar to reach more than 8,000 home energy rating and building performance professionals.

To learn more about joining the RESNET Suppliers Advisory Board, go to “Give Your Organization a Voice with RESNET.”