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The 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference Building Science Sessions

Dec 31, 2014

Building science is constantly improving.  Almost every day new practices, products and knowledge emerge that increases the power of building performance.

A special feature of the 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference is a track on Building Science.

The 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference offers a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about the latest developments in building science.  Nowhere else can you gain the information needed to understand the importance of the role that building science presents to builders and HERS® Raters.

Sessions that will be offered on this subject include:

  • From the Dawn of Mankind to Yesterday – A Brief History of Ventilation
  • Mechanical Air Distribution and Interacting Relationships
  • Conditioned Attics: Building Strategies and Solutions
  • Turn Off the Lights! Energy Efficiency Opportunities Through the Integration of Daylighting Technology
  • Multi-Family Building Envelope Solutions
  • Smart Flashing Solutions for Exterior Insulation Sheathing
  • The Devil is in the Details: Designing Wall Systems for Energy Efficiency and Moisture Resiliency
  • Smart Ventilation – Minimizing Cost, Maximizing IAQ
  • High Performance Insulation Q&A Session
  • The 5 Best Ways to Botch a Duct Design
  • I’ll Have a Tight House, Please … and Hold the Foam
  • Multifamily Blower Door Testing
  • Tighter, Quieter, Warmer: Comparing Building Tightness Between Blown-In and Batt Insulations
  • Ventilation is Coming – Deal with It!
  • 2×6 Advanced Framing: Maximizing the Value & Efficiency of Wood Wall Systems
  • Maximum efficiency = Maximum Living
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Combustion Safety Diagnostics
  • Creating Excellence in Insulation Installers and Air Sealers – The New RESNET National Designation
  • Sim-Building: An Innovative Approach to Teaching and Learning About Building Science

RESNET has posted the listing of core conference sessions along with a description of each session and each session’s presenters.  To download the listing of sessions click on 2015 RESNET Conference Core Conference Sessions

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up on the latest information and network with the leaders of the home energy rating and building performance industry.

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For more information go to 2015 RESNET Building Performance Conference for more information.