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The Excitement is Building – 2014 RESNET Building Performance Conference

Dec 20, 2013

Focus on Building Science 

The 2014 RESNET Conference is the “not-to-miss” building science event in 2014.  The conference will offer a unique opportunity to learn the latest in practical applications of building science practices and installations.  Sessions offered include:

The Building Science Fight Club Roars – ASHRAE 62.2 vs. Building Science Corporation’s New Ventilation Standard

Indoor Air Quality Concerns When Building Energy Efficient Homes

IAQ, Ventilation, and Airtightness in High Performance New and Existing Homes

IAQ Expert: “Backdrafting Hazard is Overblown” [or Rethinking Combustion Appliance Safety]

The Value of Foamed Plastic as a Residential Sheathing

More Bang for Your Buck: Combining Thermal, Air and Water Barrier

Ducted Heat Pump Water Heaters Open Opportunities for Tight Spaces

High-Performance Fiberglass Insulation Systems; What to Know and How to Know It

The Building Shell Game: How to Find the Winner for your Project

Evidence of Energy Savings Produced by Radiant Barriers and Interior Radiation Control Coatings: Experiments and Modeling

Advanced Energy Lessons Learned: Closed Crawlspaces Revisited

Field Testing Nightmares and How to Overcome Them with Ease

Blower Door Pressurization Test – Homes with “Suspect Conditions”

Pushing the Limits of Thermal Imaging – Unique Challenges That Thermographers Face

Testing 1-2-3: A New Testing Method for Software

Modeled vs. Measured Energy Consumption for Single Family Homes

WiFi Enabled Gauges: Test Faster & Smarter with Built-in QA/QC

A complete listing of sessions offered at the 2014 RESNET Conference and their descriptions are posted at 2014 RESNET Conference Core Conference Sessions

Whether you are a building performance professional or builder you do not want to miss this opportunity.  To register go to 2014 RESNET Conference Registration

Remember – January 24, 2014 is the deadline for the “early bird” conference registration discount.