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The Future is Here – Listen to the 1st Episode of the RESTalk Podcast Now Available!

Jun 11, 2018
RESNET has launched its new podcast, RESTalk, a new, exciting way to stay up-to-date on everything RESNET and HERS, including initiatives, standards, technical and building practice updates, marketing, and more. The podcast will feature interviews with RESNET staff and guests from throughout the rating and home building industries, discussing a wide range of topics including current events and new technologies.
RESTalk’s host is Bill Spohn who has decades of experience in the building performance industry.
In its inaugural episode, Bill welcomes RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden to talk about RESNET’s goals for 2020.
Steve will paint the big picture of the bold challenges set by the RESNET’s Board of Directors in 2016. He will discuss the changes in the way quality assurance will be done, the changes in the approach to enhancing the consistency in the calculation HERS® Index Scores by rating software, and the development of new marketing campaigns.
So take a listen to the first episode, as Steve talks about the dynamic evolution of RESNET. As he puts it, “We are moving up from sandlot baseball to the major leagues. It is showtime!”

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Future RESTalk podcasts include:

  • “Enhancing the Quality of HERS® Ratings” – Laurel Elam and Scott Doyle, RESNET
  • RESNET New Water Efficiency Rating Standard and What It Means to You” – Ryan Meres, RESNET
  • “Enhancing Consistency of HERS® Rating Software” – Steve Baden, RESNET
  • “Investment in Growing the Demand for HERS® Ratings” – Valerie Briggs, RESNET
  • “Recruiting the Next Generation of HERS® Raters” – Matt Gingrich, Chairman of RESNET Emerging Leadership Council & Valerie Briggs, RESNET