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Tim O’Brien Homes: May 2021 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month

May 6, 2021


Tim O’Brien Homes of Wisconsin is the May 2021 RESNET HERS® Index Builder of the Month.

Tim O’Brien was recently recognized by RESNET for achieving a low average HERS® score of 49 for a builder completing more than 50 homes, compared to the national average HERS® score of 58.

When asked about the value of a HERS® rated home to consumers, owner Tim O’Brien replied, “A home is obviously a complex system. Think about the amount of planning, drafting, engineering, and modeling, that needs to take place before it is even built. Then add in the amount of parts and pieces that require humans to assemble and install in order to complete the structure.” 

He continues, “There will always be something that doesn’t go 100% to plan; we build the last great handmade product in the world! Having a HERS® Certified Rater calculate the home’s energy rating score helps us catch things that may have gone not 100% according to plan. Some builders may claim that their homes are built to a high energy-efficient standard, but without a third-party certification, there is nothing to back those claims up.” 

Tim O’Brien Homes started a podcast called Building Sustainably, which covers green building and sustainability through the eyes of a homebuilder. RESNET Program Director Ryan Meres was a recent guest.

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