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Unique Quality Assurance Opportunity Available at Phius

Nov 28, 2022 GeneralProvidersRaters

There is a unique opportunity waiting at Phius for someone who is passionate about high-performance buildings and construction.

We are in search of an entry-level Quality Assurance Associate who will work with our QA/QC Manager in the Phius Quality Assurance department. Phius and passive building are growing exponentially, and we need more Quality Assurance professionals on our team!

This position is unique, not just because it offers an opportunity to join the Phius team (we are a one-of-a-kind organization!) but for the on-the-job training and experience that comes with it.

We are accepting applications from professionals of all backgrounds, with the main requirement being a passion for high-performance building. Building science experience and/or certification as a HERS® Rater are highly desirable, but not required. Experience reading plans, knowledge of building construction and systems as well as third-party energy performance programs such as Energy Star or Dept. of Energy Zero Energy Ready Homes is a plus. Our vision for this position is to provide an environment for an eager high-performance building enthusiast to grow and become a Quality Assurance expert.

Duties of the job will include evaluating the energy performance of buildings, building enclosures, mechanical systems and construction practices applied to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions while improving the indoor environment. The full job description complete with required skills and experiences can be found here. But even if you do not check every single box in the list of requirements, we encourage you to apply, because above all else we are looking for someone who is passionate about what we do and is willing to learn.

Third-party quality assurance is the backbone of Phius project certification. With an ever-increasing number of Phius projects being built throughout the country, there is growing demand for QA/QC professionals. As the Phius Quality Assurance Associate, you will be on the front lines of our Quality Assurance efforts, helping to ensure that all Phius projects perform up to expectations.

If you know someone who could be a fit for the position, we encourage you to share the job with them! For more information about Phius, check out our About Us page, which includes information on our mission, staff, history and more. Still have questions? Drop us a message using our Contact Us Form.

We hope to hear from many of you soon!

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