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Webinar on rCloud – The Future of Testing

Sep 28, 2017

rCloud – The Future of Testing

Join Us for an Overview Webinar

Integrating rCloud as an essential part of your RESNET QA process.

Retrotec’s rCloud app is here, and it’s changing the way Raters are testing, documenting and sharing their results. The most powerful yet simplest app for automated testing is available on Apple iOS, Android and PC devices. rCloud securely performs single & multipoint RESNET compliant tests and provides easy-to-read reports from the field. Retrotec also provides access to all your tests through an online web portal. Sort, view and share your tests as a list or on a map. The rCloud web portal provides total control of the account and individual user data. You can even provide safe access for others to view tests- perfect for providers and the QA requirements.

rCloud app highlights covered in the webinar:

  • Automated RESNET blower door and duct testing.
  • Creates easy to read compliance reports with PASS / FAIL at the top of the page.
  • Share results immediately or view from anywhere online.
  • Secure & accurate data from rCloud app to the cloud.
  • Access to your test data from the app or online anywhere.
  • Apple, Windows, and Android compatible.

This rCloud webinar will provide an overview of the features, testing standards and how rCloud can document and secure your testing data.

Dates & Times:

Thursday, October 12th

5:00pm EST (2:00pm PST)

Thursday, October 18th 

2:00pm EST (11:00am PST)


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More information at Retrotec.com/rCloud or rCloud@Retrotec.com