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Webinar: Revised Procedures for Remote Inspections/Testing Alternatives

Oct 6, 2020

Free Webinar on Revised Procedures for Remote Inspections and Testing Alternatives of HERS® Ratings
Wednesday, April 15, 2020 

With the dangers that the COVID-19 pandemic is poising, Americans are urged to limit contacts through social distancing.  A growing number of state and local governments across the nation have issued proclamations severely limiting social and business interactions. Many governments have initiated stay at home provisions.

To help counter the disruption the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, RESNET urges that Rating Providers and HERS® Rating Companies restrict to the extent possible their certified RESNET HERS® Raters and RFIs going into the field to inspect and test homes.

With this national crisis RESNET has adopted emergency temporary measures aimed at protecting the health and safety of our network of Rating Providers, certified RESNET HERS® Raters and Rating Field Inspectors (RFIs) while meeting the needs of their clients.

The most significant of RESNET’s emergency measures are optional alternatives to HERS® Ratings field inspections and testing.

Allowing Remote Rating Inspections

Rating Providers now may, at their discretion, allow the use of remote inspections by HERS® Raters/RFIs for HERS® Ratings.

Allowing Diagnostic Testing Alternatives

An emergency interim standard amendment is being adopted to allow instead of onsite testing, a HERS® Rater or RFI to use:

• RESNET-defined Default Values based on statistical analysis by Climate Zone -OR
• RESNET determined Default Value for the builder by TMY weather stations based on past (120 days) performance

RESNET will be hosting a free webinar at 3:00 p.m. Eastern on April 15, 2020, on the above emergency temporary options of remote inspections and diagnostic testing alternatives. The webinar will feature RESNET Quality Assurance Staff presenting the details on how the new policies will be implemented and answering your questions.

For Quality Assurance Designees this webinar will count for the required second quarter 2020 training.

The webinar is free but interested parties must pre-register for the event. To register for the webinar go to https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/5701372816206418444