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Winners of the 2021 RESNET Cross Border Builder Challenge

Sep 28, 2021


The Cross Border Challenge is an annual event sponsored by RESNET and the Canadian Residential Energy Services Network (CRESNET) to recognize U.S. and Canadian builders who are pioneering the path to high-energy performance homes. CRESNET is RESNET’s sister organization in Canada.

Annually the awards are presented to builders who have the lowest HERS® Index Scores in the U.S. and Canada. Due to the pandemic, the 2021 awards were more limited. The awards were issued to the U.S. and Canadian builders who built a minimum of 50 homes and had the lowest average HERS® Rating. The 2021 awards were presented at the RESNET 2021 Virtual Conference. This was the 8th year of the award ceremony at the RESNET Conference.

The 2021 Cross Border Challenge winners are:

RESNET President’s Award

The U.S. winner is Thrive Home Builders of Denver, Colorado.  In 2020, the average HERS® Index Score of homes built by Thrive Homes was 26.

Thrive Home Builders CEO Gene Myers virtually accepted the award from RESNET Executive Director Steve Baden. To see the award presentation click on Thrive Homes RESNET President’s Cross Border Challenge Award.


CRESNET President’s Award

The Canadian winner is Royalpark Homes of Toronto, Ontario.  In 2020 the average HERS® Index Score of homes built by Royalpark Homes was 42.

John Godden of Clearsphere and Paul Lowes of Building Products of Canada presented the CRESNET President’s Award to Royalpark’s President Marco DeSimone. To see the award presentation click on Royalpark CRESNET President’s Cross Border Challenge Award

“With over 3 million homes rated in the US, the HERS® Index is the industry standard by which a home’s energy efficiency is now being measured in the US and Canada. In this time of isolation during the pandemic, what a perfect time for international cooperation. The HERS® Index Score presents a common language by which we can measure U.S. and Canadian Home Performance.” noted Steve Baden. “I want to recognize John Godden’s leadership and vision for creating the award.”

“The RESNET Cross Border Challenge is a friendly competition between American and Canadian Home Builders to determine just how energy efficient builders can build,” noted Paul Duffy CRESNET’s President.

As part of the award, Better Builder Magazine will be doing a feature on the winners.