The Emerging Multifamily HERS Rating Market to be a Focus at the 2018 RESNET Building Performance Conference

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The Emerging Multifamily HERS Rating Market to be a Focus at the 2018 RESNET Building Performance Conference


An exciting potential area for the growth in the demand for HERS Ratings is multifamily buildings.  In 2017, there were over 31,000 multifamily units that were HERS rated and issued a HERS Index Score.  RESNET is in the process of working with the International Code Council and the New Buildings Institute in developing an ANSI candidate standard for calculating Energy Rating Index scores for units in multifamily buildings.

A special feature of the 2018 RESNET Building Performance Conference is a track on “The Emerging Multifamily HERS Rating Market”.

The 2018 RESNET Conference offers a unique opportunity to learn first-hand about this opportunity. Nowhere else can you gain the information needed to understand the latest development in the HERS industry.


Sessions that will be offered on this subject include:

  • How RESNET Standards are Evolving to Better Address Multifamily Ratings
  • Multifamily Ratings – What is needed in HERS Rating Software?
  • The DOE Energy Code Field Study: Assessing Energy Impacts and Air-leakage in Multifamily Buildings
  • Multifamily Housing: Perspectives from a Multi-Year Study Evaluating Rated vs. Measured
  • Energy Performance and Construction Costs
  • Domestic Hot Water Distribution Challenges in Multi-Family Construction
  • Emerging Technology in Deep Energy Retrofits for Multifamily Affordable Housing


RESNET has posted the listing of core conference sessions along with a description of each session and each session’s presenters.  To download the listing of sessions, click on 2018 RESNET Conference Breakout Sessions,

Don’t miss this opportunity to catch up on the latest information and network with the leaders of the home energy rating and building performance industry.

Join us in the Great Wide Open   Register for the conference today at 2018 RESNET Conference Registration.

For complete information on the RESNET Conference go to 2018 RESNET Building Performance Conference.


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