RESNET Board’s Policies On Enhacing The Consistency Of HERS® Index Scores

  • RESNET certified Quality Assurance Designees must in the future:
    • Serve as agents of RESNET
    • Have neither a financial interest nor an employee/employer relationship with the entity performing the rating
  • That the RENSET quality assurance standards maintain the current requirement of annual quality assurance review of raters consisting of 1% field reviews and 10% building file reviews with provisions through modification to the standard to add additional oversight of HERS® Raters when errors are found in these reviews.
  • RESNET incorporate changes to rating software standards that would include:
    • Establish limits on input variables for whole-house ventilations systems and other in the RESNET Standards
    • Determine bounds checks that can be incorporated into software to limit or warn users when input values are beyond reasonable limits
    • Enhance rating software tools to enable Quality Assurance Designee flags to be set for internal inconsistencies that should be checked prior to entering a building file into RESNET registry
    • Modify RESNET registry XML schema to include reporting of the Quality Assurance Designee flags to RESNET staff