Amendment of RESNET CAZ Standard


There is concern over RESNET continuing down the path of developing and improving CAZ standards has put the organization in a no-win situation. From a strategic perspective, this particular field has many competitive players, “standards”, and protocols; CAZ testing is not a minimum rated feature of the home and has no impact on the HERS® Index; This has proven to be a serious drain on RESNET’s resources, both from staff and volunteers.

ANSI/ACCA 12 QH, Appendix A already has a CO testing and CAZ depressurization test protocol. It is never too late to admit we may have made a mistake in heading down this path. Simply pointing to the existing ANSI/ACCA Standard should be sufficient and still satisfy the need in the marketplace for certified RESNET Home Energy Raters. Appendix A of that ANSI/ACCA is part of the standard and compliance with it is required to conform.

If adopted the RESNET Standards Development Committee will supply ACCA with Sections 807 and 808 of Addendum 2 as a proposed amendment to their ANSI Standard protocols for CO Testing and Depressurization Test of the Combustion Appliance Zone. That document, together with the proposal from the CAZ Working Group comprised of ACCA, American Gas Association, and other stakeholders, would provide ACCA with input into their ANSI Standard and strengthen the existing standard.

RESNET will continue to require the CAZ and Work Scope academic exam and the CAZ simulator exam for certification for all Rating Field Inspectors, Raters, Trainers, and Quality Assurance Designees. The Interplay ResCAZ simulator aligns very well with the ANSI/ACCA Standard 12 QH protocols.

Continuing to develop and improve CAZ standards, particularly when there is a competing ANSI Standard from an industry partner, will do more long-term harm than good and contribute to greater confusion in the marketplace.

This proposed amendment is undergoing the RESNET standard amendment public review and comment process. Interested parties are encouraged to comment on the proposed amendment. Public comments on the proposed amendment will be accepted until Wednesday, March 12, 2014.

To submit your comments click on RESNET Amendment Comment Online Form. Comments are posted real time and you will be able to review comments that were submitted by clicking on Comments Submitted on Proposed RESNET National Building Registry Amendment.

To download the amendment, click on Amendment of RESNET CAZ Standard.

Only comments made through the online system will be accepted.

After the comment period, the RESNET Quality Assurance Committee will consider and document each of the comments submitted and make appropriate changes. The revised proposed amendments then will be submitted to the RESNET Board for adoption.