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Draft PDS-01, BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201X, Standard for the Calculation and Labeling of the Energy Performance of Dwelling and Sleeping Units Using an Energy Rating Index

RESNET standards are under continuous maintenance with revisions incorporated as addenda. Periodically the standards are updated to integrate addenda and additional revisions into a new edition.

RESNET is updating Standard ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2014 to add new criteria for attached Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units for Residential Buildings and Commercial Buildings (as defined by the IECC) developed by the Multi-Family Ratings initiative. The revisions for attached Dwelling Units and Sleeping Units and all addenda to Standard ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2014 approved prior to completion of BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201x, will be published in a new edition of the Standard.

The first draft of proposed standard BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201x, Draft PDS-01, is submitted for public comment. The draft is Standard 301-2014 with all current RESNET approved addenda incorporated and with proposed revisions indicated by strike/underline. Addenda that have been incorporated into the draft are Addenda A, B, D, E, G and K. Addenda that are not yet approved, such as Addenda F and L, and revisions necessary for the adoption of the Standard BSR/RESNET/ICC 380-201x update will be incorporated in later drafts. To review and comment on Draft PDS-01 follow the links below

Draft PDS-01, BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201X, Update of Standard ANSI/RESNET/ICC 301-2014

Comment on Draft PDS-01, BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201X

View comments on Draft PDS-01, BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201X

The public comment period will be open for 45 days beginning March 2, 2018 and ending April 16, 2018.

Draft PDS-01, BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201x shown without strike deletions and underline additions may be viewed at, Draft PDS-01 without strike/underline

To view the webinar with information and changes to the stardard, CLICK HERE to view the recording.

To view the slides from the webinar CLICK HERE

Tips and Reminders for Submitting Public Comments 

  • Only the strikethrough and underlined text in draft PDS-01 of BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201x are open for comment in this public comment period. Comments must pertain to text in draft PDS-01 that is shown as either strikethrough or underlined. Comments on portions of draft PDS-01 where no change is indicated will not be considered.
  • Comments MUST pertain to a specific section, table, etc. in draft of PDS-01 BSR/RESNET/ICC 301-201x that is open for comment in this public comment period and the section, table, etc. must be clearly identified in your comment.
  • Example: Table 4.2.2(1), endnote (m)
  • Comments must include a specific proposed change to the text of the draft open for comment. Proposed added text must be underlined and text proposed to be removed must be shown using strikethrough. If not submitted in this format, the public comment may be rejected.
  • Public comments are reviewed by committees with volunteer members, that are Raters, Providers, Software Developers and other industry and public interest stakeholders. They are not reviewed by RESNET Staff.
  • If you submit public comment representing the collective interests of a group of stakeholders, you are encouraged to submit ONE public comment and identify all stakeholders in that comment. While not required, this expedites the ability of the committees to respond to commenters in a timely manner.
  • Do not submit comments on standards other than this one that is out for public comment (i.e. MINHERS® or ANSI Standard 380)