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2018 RESNET Goals, Priorities and Activities

Nov 9, 2017

At its Fall 2017 meeting the RESNET Board of Directors accepted RESNET staff’s proposed goals, priorities and activities for 2018.

Following are the adopted goals:

  • RESNET and HERS® Raters Recognized as the Gold Standard for Measuring and Labeling Home Performance
  • Maintain and Enhance Credibility of HERS® Index Scores Through Robust Quality Assurance
  • Adopt Water Rating Index American National Standard
  • Grow Business Development Opportunities for HERS® Raters
  • Increase Demand for HERS® Ratings


The priorities adopted for 2018 are:

  • Setting and Maintaining the RESNET Standards of Quality as the Gold Standard for Home Performance
  • Maintaining the Credibility of HERS® Ratings and HERS® Raters—Sustaining and Enhancing the Quality of HERS® Ratings
  • Enhancing the Transparency of HERS® Ratings: RESNET National Registry as a Tool for Quality Assurance and Research
  • The RESNET Web Site – Our Face and Touchstone: Improving the User Experience
  • Growing the Demand for HERS® Rating Services Through Marketing and Advocacy
  • Building Cohesion in the HERS® Industry through the RESNET Building Performance Conference
  • Improving Home Performance Through RESNET Water Efficiency Rating (WER) INDEX and HERS® Program Delivery
  • Maintaining RESNET Financial and Management Integrity and Sustainability


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